10 Reasons Why Soft Skills Training Doesn’t Work

by Paul Meshanko

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Paul Meshanko, managing partner of Legacy Business Cultures, recently participated in the webinar “10 Reasons Why Soft Skills Training Doesn’t Work”.

Paul and other industry experts discussed how soft skills can do more than simply enhance an individual’s interactions, job performance or career prospects. A persons’ EQ, or people skills, is an important part of their contribution to the success of an organization. Training for specific, job-related skills such as team building, effective communication, leadership or diversity can yield a significant ROI for an organization.

However, soft skills training is a long-term commitment for an organization, not a one-time fix or workshop. The success of soft skills training depends on how committed an organization’s leadership is to making it happen. During this roundtable discussion attendees learned how their company can leverage the lasting benefits of a well-executed training program.

During this event, attendees also learned:

Click here to listen to the recording of the event.